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Salavatsteklo is a modern enterprise, the most effective use of innovation and advanced development for the production of architectural glass. The production cycle is constructed based on the latest high-tech European equipment for applying nano-coating. Patented technology allows to create architectural glass any palette of colors with sun-and heat-saving properties.

The principle of ion-plasma sputtering in vacuum

The principle of ion-plasma sputtering in vacuum is as follows. When applying a DC voltage between the target (negative potential) and the anode (positive potential) occurs a nonuniform electric field and excited by glow discharge. The presence of a closed magnetic field to the sputtering surface of the target allows to localize the discharge plasma directly at the target. The electron circulates in an electromagnetic trap until then, until a few ionizing collisions with atoms of the working gas (Ar), in which the plasma is formed. Thus, most of the energy of the electron before it enters the anode is used for the ionization and excitation of argon atoms, which greatly increases the efficiency of the ionization process leads to increase the concentration of positive ions at the surface of the target. This, in turn, leads to increased intensity of ion bombardment of the target and the migration of atoms of the sputtering target on the glass surface at high speed. This process allows you to quickly and efficiently create layers with the desired properties.